“Down with the Zionist regime”: a rally in support of the Palestinians was held in Tehran

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Tehran hosted a demonstration in support of the Palestinian people.

According to the Iranian news agency Mehr, residents of Tehran took to the streets with Palestinian flags and placards reading “Down with the US,” “Down with the Zionist regime.”

Khalid Kadhumi, a representative of the Hamas movement in Tehran, addressed the demonstrators. He mentioned the recent escalation in Gaza and stated that Israel “should be held accountable in international courts.”

“As the leader of the Islamic Revolution emphasized, we believe that the holy Quds and Palestine will be freed from the clutches of Zionists. Over the past three days, the devils of the Zionist regime have suffered yet another defeat with their stupid actions. They failed to resist the Islamic Jihad, they were defeated and accepted the conditions put forward by the Islamic Jihad, he said.

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