Down with pans and slow cooker: the best gifts to your loved ones for Valentine’s Day

Геть пательні та мультиварки: найкращі подарунки коханій на День Святого Валентина

What to give a girl on Valentine

Before Valentine’s Day just a few days. In this case Radio MAX made a rating of the best technology gifts for your beloved or wife. Find out how to please mate, if you tend to postpone everything until the last moment!

We, of course, 100500 times to tell you that on Valentine’s Day it is advisable to give attention and emotions. Moreover, not limited in number neither the first nor the second. However, you need to be as honest as possible: the gift that you can hold in your hand, no one has ever refused. Immediately, we note that frying pans, crock pots, blenders and Hairdryers are not the best gifts, so try to refrain from their presentation on Valentine’s Day.

With our gifts you can find a gadget for almost every taste and thickness of wallet, so don’t panic, because we don’t offer everyone to give their favorite new iPhone 11 Pro Max 512 GB of memory. Agree, this amount can be used to maximum advantage, for example, somewhere in Goa.

#1 Fitness bracelet

A perfect gift, which will not give any one girl. Of course, the smart watch in this case would have looked much cooler, but in the fitness wristbands have several important advantages, which should not be forgotten:

Autonomy. The average fitness bracelet works on a single charge for up to a month. For comparison, the smart watch will have to charge every 2-3 days.

Compactness. Whatever, smart watch bulky accessories. Of course, you can pick up this accessory which will look perfect on the fragile handle of your choice. But the compact fitness bracelets are not too evident, and will not create discomfort during daily wear.

Геть пательні та мультиварки: найкращі подарунки коханій на День Святого Валентина

Fitness bracelets can be worn on the fragile female hands

Decent functionality. Of course, fitness bracelets can not fully replace a smart watch, but they perfectly handle most of the tasks placed in front of them users. In particular, you can read the messages that you received, to activate/deactivate the alarm so as not to Wake relatives in the house, switch songs, so as not to pull a smartphone from your pocket every time you have a desire to hear “something new”, and also do not forget about the functional associated with health. Bracelet not only monitors your heart rate, sleep, but can become the perfect companion during workouts.

Which fitness bracelet to give? Ideal option for today – Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4. For 799 UAH you get not only a vivid AMOLED display and cool autonomy and not too modest functionality. The perfect gadget for those who care about the health of its second half.

#2 Bluetooth headphones

In the era of smartphones, which are deprived of the traditional 3.5 mm audio jacks, not to take care of the Bluetooth earphone is truly a crime. Large or small, black or colored, and not entirely Autonomous. The market represented a huge number of accessories that allow you to enjoy your favorite tracks without the headaches associated with untangling wires.

What to look for when choosing a Bluetooth headphone:

Format. Who absolutely don’t fit the earphones. Someone thrilled by a full length. This point is extremely important to consider that your gift does not gather dust somewhere on the shelves.

Геть пательні та мультиварки: найкращі подарунки коханій на День Святого Валентина

Save your favorite from the suffering associated with untangling wires

Autonomy. Decided on the form factor? Then pay attention to the autonomy of the headphones. So, this item is extremely important, because it will depend on how many hours your significant other (maybe you) will be able to enjoy your favorite hits and movies. This point is particularly relevant for those who travel frequently. But for daily use and three hours of autonomy would be sufficient.

Additional features. Some headphones are “tuned” for specific brands. Therefore, AirPods ideally will work with the iPhone. FreeBuds – with smartphones of HUAWEI. This should be taken into account. By the way, if your favorite already has an iPhone, we highly recommend you to pay attention to the headphones of the Apple. Believe me, she will be satisfied 100 percent.

#3 E-book

It would be absolutely unfair not to mention the fans reading. E – book- exactly the gadget that we would recommend to give to everyone. Believe me, her presence would have a positive impact on the process of reading in the home, but on vacation, because the space in your suitcase or backpack, she almost never is.

What are the advantages of e-books:

Compactness. E-book can contain tens of thousands of books in itself, but is it an area equivalent to two smartphones put next to each other. This gadget is comfortable to use not only daily, but also during business trips or simple travel.

The ability to read in the dark. New e-books equipped with illuminated, which positively influences the ability to enjoy reading, not only in the light of day or lamps. Of course, this affects the autonomy of the gadget, but not so much to deny myself the pleasure.

Not afraid of water. Some models are protected from water and dust standard IP67 or IP68. This allows without hesitation to take the book with you into the bathroom, not only to bask in hot water, and read something nice and relaxing. And if the reader falls into the water – care. Consider this a significant advantage.

Геть пательні та мультиварки: найкращі подарунки коханій на День Святого Валентина

E-book – the perfect companion while traveling

Instead, you should pay attention to supported formats. Some books have several limitations that can impede their use. That was not a problem – make sure that the book supports not only EPUB and PDF, and FB2. Don’t forget about regular DOC.

#4 Smartphone

Ignore the smartphones we couldn’t either. Of course, here the choice is extremely complex, so we strongly recommend you to approach the selection of this gadget responsibly and meticulously to not have the next day to carry it back to the store.

I doubt it – present a certificate for the amount you were willing to spend on a smartphone. Let the final decision will remain with her.

What to look for when choosing a smartphone?

Brand. If your beloved is a fan of Samsung, it would be very strange if you gave her a Xiaomi. This is the thing that an avid fan of BMW to give the keys to the Mercedes.

Screen. There is not so much it will be about the same screen as on the overall dimensions of the smartphone. Remember that not all ladies fans of shovels. The bigger is better rule here might not work.

Camera. Your favourite maybe a billion times to deny the fact that she likes to be photographed. But we know that in the smartphone it will look mostly on the capability of the camera, not on the number of cores and clock speed of the processor.

Геть пательні та мультиварки: найкращі подарунки коханій на День Святого Валентина

A good camera will allow you to record the best moments in life

Memory. Don’t forget that the memory in the smartphone women has the ability to quickly and disappear without a trace. Make sure that in the new smartphone it was with the stock.

If your beloved is indifferent to gadgets – give her the same mountain of positive emotions, which she definitely will not forget. Do not have to travel to exotic countries. Sometimes it is enough of a romantic dinner and a maximum quantity of attention that day. And perfect mood will help to organize the hits, time-tested Radio MAXIMUM!

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