Dossiers of IDF fighters fighting smugglers closed

Dossiers on IDF fighters fighting smugglers are closed

The Military Prosecutor's Office has launched an investigation into four unusual incidents in which two Israeli smugglers were killed and three were injured. Moreover, all this happened at the time of the shootout, that is, the smugglers were shooting at the soldiers who prevented the smuggling from Sinai.

Three cases ended without charge, and the fourth is expected to be closed as well. This is reflected in the double support they have provided by the military, who have been intercepted by drug smuggling attempts on the Sinai border and have been under fire.

Among those interviewed were officers who indicated that the forces had to open fire, sometimes close range to prevent an imminent threat.

According to new IDF figures, the army and police were able to cut the amount of smuggling from Sinai by more than half last year, from about 400 cases in 2020 to 180 cases last year .

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