Doomsday predictions that may come true in the coming years

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Predictions about the end of the world, which may come true in the coming years

According to forecasts, the near future promises to be rich.

Zombie apocalypse from Nostradamus or the collision of two stars and the outbreak of & # 171; red nova & # 187 ;? If you believe the predictions about the end of the world, the near future promises to be rich. Many prophecies sound unrealistic, but there are those that have scientific substantiation, reports with reference to Focus.

The end of the world has already begun

 Predictions about the end of the world that may come true in the coming years

American pastor Kenton Beshore predicted before his death in 2016 that the end of the world would begin in 2021 . According to the pastor's prediction, the second coming will come in 2028, after seven years of tribulations.

The pastor claimed that he found the omen on the pages of the Bible. Among the indisputable signs of the end of the world, he named two world wars and the founding of Israel.

Beshor's followers are convinced that the first signs of the imminent end of the world have indeed already appeared. According to them, a seven-year period of disasters has begun, which will be characterized by devastating events such as asteroid strikes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis .

Some proponents of the theory, including another pastor Paul Begley, ranked as signs of the approaching Judgment recent world events such as the coronavirus pandemic and tensions in the Middle East.

Three apocalypses from Nostradamus

Predictions about the end of the world, which may come true in the coming years

The French alchemist Michel de Nostradamus predicted the future of mankind in his almanacs. At least that's what the army of his followers thinks. In the predictions of Nostradamus, they even found hints of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.

& # 171; Fire and a long trail of sparks will be seen in the sky & # 187; , – wrote the alchemist.

Followers of Nostradamus believe that in 2021 the Earth will be hit by solar storms, as well as an asteroid threat. The asteroid will either fall to Earth or pass very close to our planet.

Also for 2021, according to the almanacs of Nostradamus, a zombie apocalypse is outlined .

& # 171; A few half-dead young people will be the beginning. Fathers and mothers who died of endless sorrow, Women in mourning, a poisonous monster: there will be no more great, the whole world will end & # 187 ;, – wrote the alchemist.

This prediction definitely sounds like a zombie apocalypse that will lead to the death of the whole world. Some followers of Nostradamus interpret the text as predicting an outbreak of a virus or a biological weapon threat.

A new star in the sky: another sign of the end of the world

Predictions about the end of the world, which may come true in the coming years

Astronomers have found that & nbsp; March 15, 2022, a nondescript star in the constellation Cygnus is likely to become one of the brightest objects in the sky . The star will shine brightly for six months and then return to its previous state.

We are talking about object KIC 9832227, which is still two stars. One of the stars is about a third of our Sun's size, and the other is 40% larger. They rotate so close that their atmospheres physically touch each other.

Recent observations have shown that the stars have already begun their death dance, closing the distance with each other. One revolution in orbit for stars takes only 11 hours.

When the stars finally collide, the so-called & nbsp; bright red nova & nbsp; is a little-studied object that shines brighter than standard new, but fainter than supernova.

Scientists believe that the light from the new star will double every 19 days or so – as it dumps its outer layers into space. This process will take about six months.

 Predictions about the end of the world that may come true in the coming years

Ultra-Orthodox Rabbi Joseph Berger believes that & nbsp; a new star in the sky will herald the world about the coming of the messiah … It is worth noting that Berger is the rabbi of the Temple of King David on Mount Zion and he devoted his life to awaiting the second coming.

Berger believes that the first thing the Messiah will drive Muslims from the Temple Mount, and the Dome of the Rock will be demolished … In its place, Rabbi Berger dreams, the Third Temple will be erected. The rabbi even prepared a copy of the Torah, which he intends to personally hand into the hands of the son of God.

Isaac Newton and the message from the Bible

Predictions about end of the world, which may come true in the coming years

English physicist, mathematician and astronomer Isaac Newton spent a lot of time in search of hidden messages in the Bible. Based on his research, the scientist came to the conclusion that & nbsp; the apocalypse and the second coming will occur in 2060 .

& # 171; Newton was convinced that all future events were already predetermined by God. For him, 2060 was a new beginning: it may be accompanied by war and disasters, but ultimately it will be the beginning of a new divine era & # 187; – writes the Austrian astronomer and writer Florian Fristetter.

In documents, which were first made public in 2007, Newton wrote: & # 171; It may end later, but I see no reason to end sooner & # 187 ;.

Newton made bold predictions in articles published under the pseudonym Jehovah Sanctus Unus, which translates from Latin as & # 171; one true god & # 187 ;.

Despite the fact that Newton's work on alchemy and the search for the date of creation the world does not fit into the scientific framework, Newton's contribution to science and, in particular, to mathematics remains unprecedented.

The eruption of a supervolcano

 Predictions about the end of the world, which may come true in the coming years

The Geological Society of London found that in 1 million years on Earth, a supervolcano eruption is likely to occur, comparable to the eruption of Toba, which occurred 75 thousand years ago. According to scientists, during a future eruption, 3200 km3 of magma may be ejected.

Despite the fact that scientists do not know anything about the volcano, which is just about to erupt, they can accurately describe the consequences of the eruption of the supervolcano Toba.

The Toba eruption caused a global volcanic winter that lasted 6 to 7 years. Some scientists believe that the cooling lasted for 1,000 years.

Geologist Michael Rampino and volcanologist Stephen Self argue that the average surface temperature dropped by 3-5 degrees Celsius.

Another scientist, Alan Robock, says that 6 billion tons of sulfur dioxide were released into the Earth's atmosphere, and the minimum temperatures dropped by 15 degrees during the first three years after the eruption. Such temperatures persisted for a decade, destroying life on the planet.

The Earth's climate has recovered from such a powerful blow in several decades, Robock said, rejecting the theory of a period of 1,000 years.

Giant Asteroid Impact

 Predictions about the end of the world that may come true in the coming years

Tulane University Earth Science professor Stephen Nelson has calculated that & nbsp; every 100 million years, an asteroid about 10-15 km in diameter falls to Earth . The same asteroid 66 million years ago caused the extinction of dinosaurs on the planet.

It is believed that objects larger than 1 km have catastrophic consequences, since the impact of such an asteroid causes global effects. Objects 1 km in size crash into the Earth about 1 time in a million years, and objects 10 km – about once every 100 million years.

Nelson in 2014 calculated the probability of collision of the Earth with large asteroids. He estimated the chances of dying from an asteroid or comet impact at 1 in 1,600,000. For example, the chances of dying in an accident are 1 in 90, in a fire 1 in 250, and from lightning – 1 in 135,000.

Scientist also believes that the risk of dying from a large asteroid or comet impact is 1 in 75,000. The risk seems surprisingly high because massive objects are causing a mass extinction. Most living organisms die not from a direct blow, but from side effects.

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