Don’t let go 7, 8 series: watch online finale of the show on 1+1

Не відпускай 7, 8 серія: дивитись онлайн фінал серіалу на 1+1

The series “don’t let go” is ended! Thursday, February 13, on channel 1+1 was released final 7, and 8 series is an intriguing melodrama. Watch online new episodes and find out a description of their story!

In the series “don’t let go” we are talking about classmates, who in a tragic accident was forced to go in his youth. The fact that Rita and Max do not keep track of six-year-old brother of the girl when vacationing on the lake, and he was traumatized for life. In the incident blamed the max, so my mom threatened to Rita and she left her lover.

However, fate once again brought all the heroes to hometown, already over 10 years. The province will not only exsokker, but also their friends. Everyone has a purpose, but they all share common memories. It turns out that Max is still in love with Rita, but on his way appears a successful businessman Igor that he wants not only to build a yacht club in the village, but also to marry Rita.

Local residents opposed the development, and he does not think to retreat. In this case, helps him Jack, the husband of best friend Rita – Ani, who wants to get pregnant. Suddenly, both women are taken away to unknown, and Max and Jack rush to find loved ones. However, the mountain has already happened. Only support each other will help both couples to be happy!

Watch online series “don’t let go” 7 series 12-02-2020

Watch online series “don’t let go” final: 8 series 12-02-2020

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