Don’t let go 5, 6 series: watch online series Ukrainian 1+1

Не відпускай 5, 6 серія: дивитись онлайн український серіал 1+1

Don’t let go

Ukrainian TV series “don’t let go” is nearing completion. Wednesday, February 12, on channel 1+1 released a new 5 and 6 series of exciting melodrama. Watch online fresh episodes and read the description of the plot!

The plot of the series “don’t let go” revolves around classmates who are bound by love and tragedy of the past. In her youth, Rita and Max were going to get married, but after the tragic case of six-year-old brother of the girl which accused her beloved, the couple were forced to disperse.

10 years after these events, the fate again brings the main characters. In the home province will not only exsokker, but also their friends. Everyone has a purpose, but they all share common memories. It turns out that Max is still in love with Rita, but on his way there an unexpected opponent Igor, who is a successful businessman and wants to build a yacht club in their village.

Local residents are strongly against such development. And Igor does not think to retreat. Besides, he had another goal – to win the Rita. The woman does not agree to the wedding with Igor, and choose the heart, it understands that also likes max. Find out how their story unfolds!

Watch online series “don’t let go” 5 series 12-02-2020:

Watch online series “don’t let go” 6 series from 12-02-2020:

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