Don’t let go 3, 4 series: watch online series Ukrainian 1+1

Не відпускай 3, 4 серія: дивитись онлайн український серіал 1+1

“Don’t let go”

The new Ukrainian series “don’t let go” started on channel 1+1. On Tuesday, February 11, on the screens out the 3 and 4 series romance, which further intrigued the audience. Watch online fresh episodes!

The plot of the series “don’t let go” − the story of classmates who in his youth was going to get married, but after a tragic event were forced to disperse. Somehow Max and Rita went with friends and six-year-old brother of the girl to the river, where as a result of the unfortunate incident, the boy fell off a bungee and was disabled due to a spinal injury.

Father of Rita could not stand the grief and died of a heart attack. Mom made her break up with max, because one of those present during the tragedy told her that this is the beloved Rita pushed the Victor. Further events are unfolding in the present: after the events of 10 years ago the heroes return to his native town.

Не відпускай 3, 4 серія: дивитись онлайн український серіал 1+1

The actors of the series

In particular, the fate again brings former lovers Rita and max. The guy passionately in love with a girl, but on his way there an unexpected opponent: the town returns and Games, who is a successful businessman and wants to build a yacht club on the river in his native village. Local residents are strongly against such development. And Igor does not think to retreat. Besides, he had another goal – to win the Rita.

Watch online series “don’t let go” 3 series 11-02-2020:

Watch online series “don’t let go” 4 series 11-02-2020:

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