“Don't go to synagogues!” A warning to the Jews of Tehran

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Tehran's Jewish community has announced that community members should not attend synagogues due to unfolding anti-regime protests.

Iran expert Ben Sabti told the Jerusalem Post that Tehran's Jewish community issued an “unusual letter” that said, “Do not attend synagogues in Tehran due to the dangerous situation.”

“There has never been such a letter from the community, especially before Jewish holidays.” ;, Sabti noted.

The expert noted that although the community did not mention it, the warning was sent out due to protests that erupted after the death of Iranian Mahsa Amini.

” “The Jewish community wants to keep Jews out of clashes,” Sabti said.

According to Sabti, the Iranian regime m “may make false accusations” and declare the Jews agents of the Mossad and arrange a show trial where they will be hanged.

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