Donots mourn: famous dog from music video is dead!

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Donots mourn: famous dog from music video is dead!

The band “Donots” mourn the well-known dog from the music video “Stop the Clocks” from 2008.

Ibbenbüren / North Rhine-Westphalia – The band “Donots” mourns the well-known one dog from the 2008 music video “Stop the Clocks”.

The dog “Golspie” (center) had a leading role in the video of the Donots in 2008. Now the Golden Retriever fell asleep peacefully. © Youtube / Screenshot Donuts

“Golspie fell asleep at the age of 13.5,” announced the band on their Facebook page.

The musicians around frontman Ingo Knollmann (45) wrote: “This morning we received the sad news that unfortunately the clocks have stopped forever for one of the real stars of the ‘Stop The Clocks’ video from 2008.”

As a puppy, the Golden Retriever bitch played the leading role in the music video for the song “Stop the Clocks” by the Donots.

Donots mourn: famous dog from music video is dead!

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The animal was carried around for almost the entire clip and later followed by other four-legged friends.

The bitch did an impressive job in the video and always looked good-naturedly into the camera.

For the celebrities The band will never forget the performance: “As a puppy, Golspie on Ingo’s arm turned the video into one of the cutest and greatest four-legged music documents of the times.”

The musicians thanked the dog: “We are eternally grateful for that and raise our paws for a final greeting to Sweden. Thank you, Golspie! Rest in Paws!”

Oddly enough, dogs have always played an important role in the Donots’ band history. So their first record was called “Pedigree Punk”. That was in 1996. In 2008 the dog video described followed with 4.6 million views.

In 2012 the punk band released the album “Wake the Dogs“with the single of the same name.

The dog Golspie will never wake up – she sleeps forever in dog heaven. On YouTube, fans expressed their condolences shortly after the band’s statement was published. “Rest in peace,” wrote one user. Another fan commented: “Rip, Golspie.”

The band last released their live album “Birthday Slams Live” in 2020. Fans could look forward to a band biography in 2021. Live performances by the band are not in sight for the time being.

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