Dominican who drifted at sea for 24 days was saved by ketchup

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 Dominican who drifted at sea for 24 days was saved by ketchup

American ketchup manufacturer Heinz will donate a boat to a man who drifted at sea for 24 days and ate ketchup.
The company said in a statement to The Guardian.
< br /> The company and François are currently working out the logistical details of getting the new boat.

In December, currents in the Caribbean carried away Dominican Elvis François's sailboat while he was repairing it off the island of Sint Maarten. The man ate a bottle of Heinz ketchup, garlic powder, cubes of Maggi brand soup, and rainwater he collected with a rag. He also scrawled the word “HELP“ on the hull of the boat. Francois spent only 24 days drifting, during which time he had to drain the water from the boat so as not to drown.

On January 18, the crew of the container ship picked up the victim and delivered him to the port of Cartagena, where he was given a health certificate stating significant weight loss.

After the ketchup story became public, Heinz launched a #FindtheKetchupBoatGuy flashmob on social media to find François and give him a new boat.

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