Does not intend to stop: the Pakistani was born 60th child

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 Not going to stop: Pakistani man's 60th child was born< /p>

50-year-old native of Pakistan, Sardar Jan Muhammad Khan Khilji, who has three wives, recently celebrated the birth of his 60th child, and does not intend to give up procreation in the future.
< br /> This is reported by the Jerusalem Post.

A man struggles to make ends meet and support his large family. He, his three wives and dozens of children live in the Kota area. This week, one of the women gave birth to the man's last son, whom he named Khushal.

Khilji, a doctor by profession, told local media that even though father of 60 children, “he does not intend to stop procreating” and is looking for another wife to have children with her.

how Khilji remembers the names of them all. Some called for “stop this madman”, while others urged that he should continue until he has 100 children.

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