Does AI have consciousness? Google engineer finds rudiments of consciousness in a chatbot

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 Does AI have consciousness? Google engineer found the beginnings of consciousness in a chatbot

Google sent me on “paid leave” an employee who stated that the artificial intelligence chatbot generator LaMDA has its own consciousness and considers itself a living being. The company said it did so because it violated its privacy policy for sharing sensitive information.

Blake Lemoine, senior software engineer at Google, believes the company's AI has its own personality.

LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) — it is Google's system for building chatbots based on the most advanced language models, so named because it mimics speech by absorbing trillions of words from the Internet.

Lemoine told The Washington Post that he had interviewed at LaMDA. According to him, the chatbot generator in a conversation with him stated that he is aware of his existence and considers himself a person, and turning off for him is tantamount to death. The AI ​​also noted that he liked the Les Misérables novel. The engineer said that if he did not know what he was talking to the program, he would think of the interlocutor as an 8-year-old child.

Harvard cognitive scientist and writer Steven Pinker, commenting on the information of the engineer, said that he does not understand the difference between sensitivity, intelligence and self-knowledge and his arguments about the consciousness of AI are not convincing.

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