Documentary “Attack of Hollywood Clichés!”: Netflix makes fun of the cinema – culture

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Documentary “Attack of Hollywood Clichés!”: Netflix makes fun of the cinema – culture

By Thomas Klingenmaier

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October 07, 2021 – 10:20 a.m.

Documentary “Attack of Hollywood Clichés!”: Netflix makes fun of the cinema – culture

Rob Lowe demonstrates Hollywood clichés – here in particular the baguette that absolutely has to peek out of every shopping bag.

Foto: Netflix/2021

In a one-hour session on Netflix, presenter Rob Lowe shows how the cinema sees the world: Attention, “Attack of Hollywood clichés!”

Documentary “Attack of Hollywood Clichés!”: Netflix makes fun of the cinema – culture

Stuttgart – A little bit of frustration is part of everyday life. But if the anger about things that don’t work comes to a boil, there is a small emergency valve. You simply sweep everything that has accumulated there from your desk with one irascible movement: notebooks and pens, glasses and coffee cups, laptops and monitors. At least that’s how the characters in Hollywood films do it.

When in the one-hour film lesson “Attack of Hollywood clichés!” On Netflix you get shown in close succession how various frustrated heroes reflexively clear their tables – wuch, batsch, fazäng! -. then you wonder why you haven’t got used to it yourself a long time ago.

The difference between men and women

But maybe not everything that is targeted here with satirical malice and deep love for the entertainment machine Hollywood has passed us by without a trace. The stereotype moderated – and produced – by actor Rob Lowe does not simply work on often ridiculed stupidities: that film characters always find a parking space in front of the door, where they have to go. “Attack of Hollywood clichés!” Is the standard building blocks of the cinema that could influence our view of the world. See above: ruthless lack of control is sold as a seal of approval for genuine feelings.

Another nice element of romantic comedies: men who are courting a woman do not allow themselves to be fooled by rejection. You stay tuned and cross borders. In the cinema, this creates cheerfulness and sympathy. In real life, on the other hand, the filmmakers and critics who comment on clips in amusement all agree that we have serious cases of stalking ahead of us. What this satire also skewers beautifully, by the way: Hollywood makes a big difference between stubborn men and stubborn women. The former are irresistible heartbreakers in the end. The latter turn out to be threatening psychopaths, see “Fatal Attraction”.

Parody of a snooty man

Rob Lowe, born in 1964, started his career in television as a teen. In Joel Schumacher’s 80s classic St. Elmo’s Fire “he played next to the young Andie MacDowell, who now also adds a few comments on clichés, currently he is back through the series” 9-1-1: Lone Star ” good in business. In “Attack of Hollywood Clichés!” He presents himself in top smart shape and shows how dry humor works.

No winking, no raising of the voice announces the tipping over of the factual statements to the satirical escalation, the slaps in the face come off instantly. “Hello,” he greets us, and immediately parodies a routine, warm welcome from the moderator, with star arrogance: “Unlike you, I’m Rob Lowe.” And then he makes it clear: “I love films. In fact, I’d rather watch a movie now than do this. ”Then just 30 seconds of the documentary are over. If you have a certain kind of humor and a resilient love for Hollywood films, you already know that you will now be very entertained for 58 minutes.

Attack of Hollywood clichés! Available from the Netflix streaming service.


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