Doctors were stunned by the tail of the newborn, which continued to grow

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 Doctors were stunned by the tail of a newborn that continued to grow

Doctors in a rural Mexican province were stunned by the birth of a girl with a tail covered with skin and hair, which was 5.7 cm long and 3-5 mm in diameter.

The baby was born by caesarean section without any noticeable health problems or anomalies, except for a process containing muscles and nerves.

Doctors were surprised that the baby was not exposed to any infections or radiation, Both parents were completely healthy. Moreover, when the tail was pricked with a needle, the baby cried, which indicates the presence of nerve endings. Doctors took an x-ray, finding out that there were no bones or other abnormalities in the process. That is, it is not a rudimentary organ, like an appendix, but a “real tail”.

Two months after the birth, the doctors again decided to check the baby, surprised to find that the tail had grown during this time in proportion to her own height. As a result, the doctors decided to remove the tail with the help of plastic surgery. Since then, the girl has had no health problems or complications.

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