Doctors warned of a possible epidemic of the deadly flu

Scientists from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, USA, suggested that from China across the world in the form of large-scale epidemics may spread avian influenza H7N9. The study of samples of H7N9 have shown that the deadly virus may be resistant to the effects of drugs and rapidly spread.

Although at present, H7N9 avian flu is present only in China, it has the potential to provoke the epidemic outside the country, — this was stated by American clinicians who have studied the risks associated with the dissemination and spread of this flu. In favor of the opinions of scientists is the fact that in the study of the H7N9 samples showed the property of being easily transmitted among ferrets, considered a model to simulate the process of transmission of influenza among humans.

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Experts say that the H7N9 influenza can be highly pathogenic. This property of the virus they are associated with the mutations through which the pathogens acquire a special resistance to treatment. So, scientists have analyzed biological samples taken from a deceased patient from China: it turned out that only some of the viral cells are vulnerable to taken them the drug Tamiflu, while many successfully resisted the action of the drug.

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While experts are unable to say with certainty, with what intensity can spread H7N9. It is considered that sustainable patterns of transmission of the flu between people there, but the ability of viruses to evolve and mutate encourages experts to make alarming projections.

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“This study reinforces the belief that the highly pathogenic H7N9 poses a serious risk to the health of the population. This is an important reminder that epidemiological surveillance must continue,” said the authors of the project in the journal Cell Host & Microbe.

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