Doctors told why women are bad to get married

Медики рассказали, почему женщинам вредно выходить замуж

And men, family life is good.

Scientists from the London school of Economics, headed by Professor Paul Dallana produced a book based on extensive research that showed that family life does not have the same benefits or the same harm for all people, writes the with reference to UNIAN.

It was found that men who marry, can count on increased life expectancy. Family life allows them to take less risky actions, earning more money and pay more attention to their own health. And here at women the situation is opposite.

In particular, if, prior to family life, women were on a diet and watching your figure, then they often don’t have time and effort on all this, and especially after having children.

The most happy and healthy sub-group among the population were women who never married and never had children. However, Professor Dolan stresses that married people are more “happy” than other groups, but only if the surveys about the level of happiness conducted in the presence of both spouses.

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If interviewing the spouses alone, the statistics is not so rosy.

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