Doctors told who is especially good to eat fat

Медики рассказали, кому особенно полезно есть сало

Doctors told about the incredible benefits of fat for health.

Today we will talk about fat product that has long been a hallmark of Ukraine. However, not everyone knows that this product is not only tasty, but also useful. What diseases are treated with fat, said the physicians, reports the with reference on Voice.

Let’s start with the fact that fat – although fat but very healthy fat. And if taken moderately (50-100 g per day), they would not gain weight, and Vice versa – even lose weight. This is because the fat, due to the high content of unsaturated fatty acids, greatly improves the body’s cholesterol metabolism. Also this product contains a number of vitamins and nutrients: fat-soluble vitamins A and E, selenium, b vitamins. fat is also credited with anticarcinogenic properties, in particular, the ability removes from the body toxins.

And fat is different in that it does not live worms (of course, if you don’t buy a product with meat layer), so it can be safely consumed raw.

In folk medicine, the fat is used in the treatment of many diseases: diseases of the lungs, liver, and varicose veins. It relieves joint, toothache, cure hemorrhoids, mastitis, etc.

The way to use this “medicine” is simple. For example, for toothache, take a piece of fresh unsalted fat and about half an hour applied to the affected tooth. The pain should subside, since fat will reduce inflammation. But to the dentist to go still have, after all, the cause of the pain is not resolved.

With fat it is possible to alleviate the suffering of patients with varicose veins. To this end, the affected vein, we have to put thin slices of unsalted bacon and secure with a bandage which should be changed once a day. They say that this method when applied externally helps better than any expensive ointments. Of course, it is desirable to treat varicose veins in the complex therapy with certain medications that you are prescribed by a doctor.

For pain in the joints use the packs of grease. Doing it this way, flush the fat, put it on special paper packs, wrap the foot and wrap up warm. Usually these packs do at night.

There is an interesting method of treatment (cleansing) liver with fat, but this requires a fresh abdominal mesh (which in any case is not to be washed, no salt). You should put a grid on a thin cellophane film wrap natural cloth and place in the right hypochondrium at night.

The doctors called a drink that absolutely can not drink high blood pressure

Sebaceous grid can be cured and bronchitis. This method of treatment of colds constantly successfully used by our ancestors. Once killed a pig, took out the abdominal mesh, which was considered medicinal, put it on a slow fire and peretaplivanii. The thus obtained grease was placed in a cold place. For treatment of bronchitis take 1 dessert spoon of fat in a glass of hot milk. This mixture should be drunk in small SIPS. Also the same grease mixed with turpentine (you can take camphor oil) rubbed on chest and back of the patient. After this treatment the disease quickly passed.

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