Doctors told, who can’t eat Hematogen

Врачи рассказали, кому нельзя есть гематоген

Specialists in medicine are strongly advised to abandon the use of Hematogen.

According to experts, the additive does not contain those useful qualities which she attributed in Soviet times, and the high sugar content can only harm the body, reports the with reference to

According to Tatyana Bandurina working towards gastroenterology, Hematogen except the satisfaction of hunger does not bring the body to no avail. In addition, its composition includes components that increase the level of glucose in the blood and promote flatulence.

The existing stereotype that bull’s blood, and which produced the product, it has valuable substances, unjustified.

The doctors warned about the dangers of mold on bread

According to experts, in such cases it is better to include in the menu of blood sausage, with a more useful structure than the extract, of processed bovine blood and high content of harmful additives, including sugar.

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