Doctors told what foods are healthier frozen

Медики рассказали, какие продукты полезнее есть замороженными

How to save more useful properties and vitamins.

Scientists from the U.S. the study concluded that frozen fruits and vegetables can be more useful than fresh. Relevant work was conducted by staff of the Institute of plant protection, leading activities at the University of North Carolina, reports the with reference on the Tape.

According to the authors, through freezing in vegetables and fruits to keep the nutrients and vitamins. The last effective in the prevention of several health problems.

In the summer it is optimal to freeze raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, blueberries and other berries. Before you can freeze fruits, berries or vegetables, you must wait until they are fully ripened. It is not recommended to freeze unripe. This is due to the fact that unripe vegetables, berries and fruits contains 10-15% less nutrients and vitamins.

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In the food should be consumed frozen fruits and vegetables without additives. We are talking about salt and sugar. Also pay attention to the appearance of freezing. There should not be ice crystals. By themselves, the fruits must be firm.

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