Doctors told to whom especially useful is irgu

Медики рассказали, кому особенно полезно есть иргу

In people, this berry is also called medlar, currant, amelanchier or honey Apple.

Why is it considered to be the most useful?

The most valuable properties of the Irga:

A large number of vitamins and minerals it provides reliable protection from chronic diseases, reports the with reference to

Irga works on the muscles because its composition is ursolic acid — a substance that prevents the development of muscular atrophy.

Vitamin e in the composition of the Irga cleans the vessels from cholesterol, lowers blood pressure and normalizes the work of cardiovascular system.

This berry is beneficial for nervous system: it has a slight sedative and calming effect.

Anthocyanins increase the barrier function of the intestine, fiber clears the walls of the digestive tract and improve peristalsis.

Irga luceat vision thanks to the high content of carotenoids and vitamin A.

The doctors told me to give up anything to lose weight

And this berry is actively used in cosmetology, because it is very beneficial for the skin: gives it a smoothness and softness.

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