Doctors told how to wash their hands

Медики подсказали, как правильно мыть руки

There are a number of rules that you should remember and observe during hand wash to best protect yourself from harmful bacteria.

About it professional Manager prevention and control of infections at the Royal College of nurses rose Gallagher, reports the with reference to

The man’s hands going most bacteria that enter the skin through contact with surfaces — when ingested, they can cause serious health problems.

In particular, it is necessary to wash hands every time after visiting the toilet, changing a diaper, tampon or pads, before eating, starting cooking and, especially, contact with raw meat.

Often, dangerous bacteria can enter the skin after travel in public transport.

Hand wash is best to use running water, but a bowl of water. Soap should be applied to wet hands, first wash hands, then weave the fingers of both hands and wipe the skin with soap and water, to walk in the tip of each finger.

It is in the process of friction of the skin and the skin with soap and water creates foam and removes bacteria.

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Flush foam, the hands should be thoroughly dried, not forgetting areas between your fingers. If you use paper towels to throw them very carefully without touching the trash can. Hand towels need to be changed twice a week.

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