Doctors told how to treat seasonal allergies

Медики подсказали, чем лечить сезонную аллергию

How to manifest the disease.

At the first symptoms, resembling a cold in the spring and summer you should analyze your state — maybe it’s allergies, reports the with reference for a New time.

In the last days of may, the amount of pollen in the air reaches the peak, this means that comes Allergy season for flowering trees and herbs. The disease is manifested as rhinitis (runny nose), coughing, watery and itchy eyes, swelling. The consequences can be more serious, therefore, American experts shared simple ways on how to minimize contact with substances cause allergies.

Seasonal allergies are most often caused by pollen of trees, grasses, weeds. It occurs in contact with pollen safe, at first glance, plants such as ragweed, Wheatgrass, maple, willow, oak, poplar. In the same way the body may react to mold spores, dust clashy, cockroaches and cats, dogs and rodents. Known and allergic to the sun, the cold and, of course, numerous food allergies. This condition is dangerous for both children and adults.

The most popular over-the-counter medicines to treat symptoms of seasonal allergies is antihistamines long-acting, such as loratadine, Cetirizine, steroid preparations such as Fluticasone (fluticasone furoate, etc.). To determine and appoint the Allergy treatment can only specialist. However, to protect yourself from exposure to allergens for each. For this recommend:

To determine how contaminated the pollen of your area.
If around the house is rampant vegetation, reduce the time spent on the street.
Try not to go out from 5 to 10 o’clock in the morning and evening is the most dangerous time for people with allergies.
Dress like a film star who wishes to remain incognito: wear big sunglasses and hats with a wide brim.
Choose clothes made of natural fabrics such as cotton, fashion linen instead of synthetics.
Do not open the window of car, use the air conditioning.
Reduce the number of metal accessories in contact with the skin: clasp on the pants, hair clips.

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Keep the Windows closed.
Use air conditioning instead of ventilation.
Take off your shoes at the entrance.
Entering the house, take a shower and wash the head.
Buy HEPA filter (it can be embedded in vacuum, air purification system etc.)
Often wash home linen in the machine or hot water.

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