Doctors told how to speed up the process of weight loss

Врачи рассказали, как ускорить процесс похудения

How to lose weight without dieting.

British geneticist explained how you can keep a normal weight, and eat whatever you want. Tips leading genetics, University of Cambridge Giles Yeo publishes the with reference on the people the truth.

According to him, the first thing every time you need to eat a little less, but the usual products. And another is to replace some of the food in fiber, vegetables and herbs, but to such extent that the plate was full. Leafy greens, in his opinion, this is a great ballast for weight loss that will improve any dish.

Another tip genetics — do not give up any food groups and do not sit on diets that exclude foods — for example, keto-diet. He is sure that it prevents weight loss because the body, nedopoluchit nutrients will begin to accumulate fat.

The list of spices that help to lose weight

To accelerate the process of slimming Giles Yeo recommends the 12-hour famine. A portion of these hours will go to sleep, and the rest of the time should stay on water and tea, of course, without sugar.

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