Doctors told how to get rid of back pain in 5 minutes

Медики рассказали, как избавиться от болей в спине за 5 минут

Back view of male suffering from back pain against a white background

Wellness system developed by the Japanese doctor Toshiki Fukuzumi.

Cause back pain can become sleep on an uncomfortable bed, excessive exercise, hard work and other factors, reports the with reference to

A doctor from Japan offers a simple exercise that you can perform at home using improvised means. It relieves stress and pressure on the spine, relaxes the muscles.

You will need a towel, belt or rope for tying and smooth surface.

How to perform the exercise?

Tightly twist a towel as a cushion, his tie flying or rope.

Then lie down on a flat surface and put a rolled towel under your back at the level of the navel.

Feet position shoulder width and turn your feet inwards so that your fingers touch each other.

Stretch your arms over your head, put them palms down. The little fingers should be touching and your thumbs of the palms to look to the side.

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In this position, rest 5 minutes. At the end is not sharply rise: first turn your head to the side for a few breaths, sit down, then stand.

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