Doctors told about the negative properties of green tea

Врачи рассказали о негативных свойствах зеленого чая

Experts have found the most negative properties of usual tea.

Experts say that, despite a number of positive properties, tea can cause substantial harm to our body. First and foremost, physicians have noted the harmful effects of tea for the teeth. This drink is very detrimental to tooth enamel, destroying it. However, to achieve this effect, you should consume more than five cups of tea a day, reports the with reference on Voice.

Another danger lies in the packaged tea category. Experts say that for its production come from the oldest leaves for accumulation of fluoride present in the soil. These substances can trigger the development of cancer, harm bones and kidneys. Drinking tea immediately after a meal prevents absorption of iron.

In addition, it is dangerous to drink tea in the evening, as this drink contains a loading dose of caffeine prevents restful sleep.

Scientists also claim that the passion tea can cause liver problems.

Suprun said that in Ukraine they drink alcohol more often than milk

American researchers assure that during the day is limited to 2 cups of the drink, so as not to harm your health.

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