Doctors told about the dangers of excess vitamin D

Врачи рассказали об опасности переизбытка витамина D

Vitamin D is often touted in connection with the health benefits, but remember: its excess can much harm.

Atherosclerosis, fatigue, headaches – this is not a complete list of harm, writes the with reference to

Vitamin D is often recommended to fight with spring avitaminosis. However, it is not necessary to take vitamin D shock treatment, since in this case there is a risk of overdose.

According to the doctor nutritionists, and contemporary norms of dosage of vitamin D is different from the past. So, as a prophylactic measure for an adult today, the optimal dose of vitamin D is 500 IU per day. The lack of vitamin are given higher dosages up to 10,000 IU or more. To find out the concentration of vitamin in the body only after a specific blood test (the analysis of 25-OH vitamin D3 (Hydroxyvitamin D).

The differences in the concentrations of vitamin D:

  • 50-80 nmol/l — optimal level;
  • 30-50 nmol/l – insufficiency;
  • 12-30 nmol/l deficiency;
  • 12 nmol/l severe deficiency;
  • above 100 nmol/l – toxic, dangerous oversupply.

It is not necessary to prescribe taking vitamin D themselves. One of the biggest dangers overdose of this vitamin is that it leads to excessive deposition of calcium in tissues. On the background of this process can develop atherosclerosis, as well as toxic hepatitis, not counting the formation of stones, regular headaches and fatigue.

The doctors called drinks, which dehydrate the body

Two-week excess intake of vitamin leads to problems with appetite, thirst, dryness of skin, drowsiness, increased pressure, arrhythmia, cramps in the calf muscles, uchenomu urinate. Chronic poisoning with vitamin D can occur when using high doses for more than 6 months. Usually are experiencing symptoms such as sleep disturbances, marked irritability, muscular pain and cramps, problems with digestion.

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