Doctors saved the baby with terrible mutations

The boy’s family wanted him to drown

Лікарі врятували немовля зі страшними мутаціями

The boy who was born with four legs, the extra genitalia and three hands, already had surgery, and now he is on the mend, reports Rus.Media.

22-year-old Ball Bai gave birth to a son in a small village in Northern India. However, when the family saw the baby, then immediately offered it to drown in the local river: a boy was born with two pairs of legs, three arms and extra genitalia.

The news about the baby with a terrible mutation immediately went to the village. Then, to help a poor family the doctor came from the city hospital Bharat Dundee, who proposed to make the child free operation. After surgery, the boy is on the mend.

Dr. Mathur Parvin, who led the operation, said that the limbs of the twin-parasite was poorly developed, so its deletion will not cause a problem. The boy will remain under observation for another week, and then let him go home.

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