Doctors said the illness protects red meat

Медики рассказали, от какой болезни защищает красное мясо

The positive effects of the product.

Scientists from the University kertina and the Australian national University found that eating red meat may reduce the risk of developing multiple sclerosis. A positive effect is manifested only when the meat included in the Mediterranean diet, reports the with reference on the people the truth.

Specialists conducted a data analysis of the study, which was attended by 840 people.

Researchers have tried to find a link between a Mediterranean diet that includes raw meat (lamb, beef and pork), and a lower risk of initial stage of demyelination of the Central nervous system. This condition precedes the development of multiple sclerosis.

It turned out that eating 65 grams of meat per day can slow down the development of the disease.

The intake of this vitamin reduces the risk of obesity

Researchers believe that this is due to the presence of micro – and macronutrients, including protein, iron, zinc, selenium, potassium, vitamin D and b vitamins, some of whom participate in ensuring the normal functioning of the nervous system.

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