Doctors in hospitals will work on Shabbat

 Doctors in hospitals will work on Shabbat

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Medical workers in inpatient departments of hospitals will start working in emergency mode (Shabbat mode) starting Sunday, January 30.

Reported by The Jerusalem Post .

The decision was announced in a letter from Medical Professionals Association Chairman Eli Gabay to Minister of Health Nitzan Horowitz, Director General of the Ministry of Health Nachman Asch and Director of Payroll at the Ministry of Finance Koby Bar Nathan.

It is noted that the transition to "Sabbath" the mode of operation is associated with the constant load that the coronavirus creates for hospitals. Physiotherapists, ergotherapists, nutritionists, speech therapists and other doctors will work in this mode.

“Many employees are in quarantine, many are infected with coronavirus. We will not be able to continue to provide specialized care that we provide daily in hospitals. I call on Nitzan Horowitz to intervene immediately in this crisis,” wrote Eli Gabay.

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