Doctors have taken aback: how often should I change pajamas, towel, and pants?

Pajamas, towels, sheets, toothbrushes and clothes well.

Медики приголомшили: як часто потрібно змінювати піжаму, рушник та штани?

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Медики приголомшили: як часто потрібно змінювати піжаму, рушник та штани?

All of these essential items may well contain a lot of real nasty things. When you need to change them, clean or throw away, so as not to cause yourself harm, reports Rus.Media.

They are the elements that we use daily. Without them it is possible unless only if all of the 24 hours you spend “on the ground”. Sheets, blankets and pillows waiting for us. They make the beds are comfortable and along with the pajamas add to the comfort. Towels (for hands, feet, kitchen) toothbrushes. Next, you will learn how often you should change them to the new one.


It is estimated that on average, men wear the same pajamas 13 nights in a row and women to 17. “Pajamas are worn next to the skin, sections of which are filled with different microorganisms,” says Professor Bloomfield, who conducted research in this area. “These organisms are usually harmless, but falling on the wound, can cause problems (different kind of inflammation). Pajamas should be washed 1-2 times a week.

Pants, shorts

On pants when in contact with the linen are carried germs which can also cause the spread in the body infection. “Pants and shorts need to be washed after every wear, no exceptions,” says Dr. Lisa Ackerley, Professor of environmental health (University of Salford). To change to a new one every year.

Dish towels

Towels can cause skin irritations, eye infections and other potentially life-threatening human diseases. The average dishcloth is fraught with 4 billion live bacteria and contains 6 times more bacteria than the door handle of the toilet. “The cloth towel easily contaminated, including microorganisms that may cause food infections”, – reported in Science Daily. In addition, the researchers found that Salmonella continue to grow on the tissues of the towels even after they’ve been wiped. Change towels every day and not to wipe their hands!

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Bath towels

Towels absorb dead skin cells, and with them the bacteria that lived on our bodies. In warm, humid conditions, the germs only thrive. Sharing a towel with another person can trigger a sharp spread of bacteria and viruses (herpes, skin infections from Staphylococcus aureus) to the new owner.

Bath towels should be changed or at least proschematic after each use, insists Philip Tierno (microbiologist, new York).

Sheets and bedding (blankets and pillows)

A recent poll conducted by YouGov, says: only more than a third of us are washing bed sheets once in 2 weeks. “Beds can have goals “reservoirs” of human cells, bacteria and bodily excretions. A warm, moist environment perfect for dust mites. And their feces can cause allergic reactions,” says Dr. Ackerley.

Every morning open the Windows to release the moisture, change the sheets every week. Imagine this: 45% of us have never cleaned pillows and blankets, despite the fact that a third of the weight of two year old pillow is composed of dead skin and feces of dust mites. According to experts, duvets contain the bodies of living and dead dust mites, skin cells and fungus that lead to allergies (rhinitis) and inflammation (conjunctivitis)”.

Duvets should be washed every few months or at least twice a year. Change should be every 5 years and pillows every 2-3 years.


“The average toothbrush contains around 10 million microbes – from bacteria to flu viruses,” says Dr. scientists Oka, Director of the clinic in London. “Bristle toothbrush was found even potentially deadly viruses such as hepatitis C. Therefore share the toothbrush is prohibited. They need to change every 3 months or after an illness. Also they should be cleaned regularly and stored separately, preferably in a closed Cabinet. But if in the open, far away from the toilet! After each use of the toothbrush thoroughly rinse the bristles, then shake and allow to air dry. Once a month rinse the brush by hand and soak 5 minutes in boiling water.

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