Doctors have listed the early symptoms of tuberculosis

Медики перечислили ранние симптомы туберкулеза

The potential danger of infection is for everyone.

Tuberculosis is one of the most dangerous diseases of mankind. Many believe that it is a disease of the poor, and the wealthy people she will never touch. But this is not true, according to the with reference to

There are several symptoms of tuberculosis. Many of them are not specific, but when they occur, you should always consult doctor:

— fatigue and weakness primarily in the evening;
— decrease or lack of appetite;
— excessive sweating, especially in the evening;
— weight loss;
— slight fever;
— shortness of breath even with small physical activity;
— dry cough or secretion of mucous-purulent sputum, sometimes with blood.

At risk — prisoners, people with chronic infection, AIDS, Smoking. There is a high probability to be ill with relatives of TB patients, physicians, nurses and staff at the TB hospitals, as well as the service-providers that come into contact with lots of people.

The potential danger of infection is for everyone, because not all patients of open (infectious) tuberculosis are treated and used remedies in public places.

There are four ways of infection:
— airborne – patient with active form of tuberculosis, which, talking, coughing or sneezing, spreading the tubercle Bacillus;
— air-dust – when injected into the body of a healthy person dried particles of sputum of the patient with the dust;
— contact – via everyday objects;
— milk – by eating dairy products from animals with tuberculosis.

To avoid this disease need to strengthen the immune system, needs regular exercise, fresh air, proper diet, less stress, fatigue, restful sleep.

Scientists have warned about the dangers of led lamps

Unfortunately, even when powerful treatment tubercle bacilli can remain in the body and sleep to weakened immunity. So once a year you need chest x-ray examination of the lungs.

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