Doctors have called the drink, which is especially useful when breastfeeding

Врачи назвали напиток, который особенно полезен при грудном вскармливании

Melissa breastfeeding use for many years.

It is called the female herb, are able to effectively stabilize the hormonal balance. The tool is very effective when you want to normalize sleep, furthermore, it contributes to the emergence of a greater number of breast milk. Scientists have long been proven that this plant is not only safe during lactation, but also is able to significantly improve the health of lactating women. However, we must not forget about the individual intolerance, so before its use, will discuss all risks with your doctor. In this article we will explain what is the main use of this herb as it is to collect and harvest and what are the prescriptions with its use, writes the with reference to

Also, you will get interesting article about feeding lactating mothers with breastfeeding.

What is the use of a nursing mom?

This unique medicinal herb. Scientists have discovered in it about two hundred components that can restore human health. Is ascorbic acid, essential oils, tannins, and vitamins and minerals, carotene. It’s a real godsend for anyone who cares about themselves.

The key function of lemon balm — sedative. So she saves during the depression, relieves spasms and pain, helps to recover after an illness and stress.

Also this herb performs other important functions:

• relieves headaches;

• relaxes;

• is a tonic;

• stimulates memory;

• relieves insomnia;

• leads to normal function of the gastrointestinal tract;

• stabilizes heart rhythm;

• frees the body of toxins;

• improves the immune system;

• eliminates skin problems and acne;

• during the feeding of the newborn increases the amount of mother’s milk;

• eliminates severe pain during menstruation.

Today, even doctors recommend the use of lemon balm during pregnancy. It is a good antidepressant. Soothes a nursing mother who need to recuperate after the appearance of the baby born, enriched with necessary minerals weakened body.

Important! On the mental state of women is bad lack of nutrients, lack of sleep, constant powerlessness. This can lead to hormonal disruption. And from them, save that plant.

During feeding of the child is forbidden to take almost all drugs. In this case, help infusions. In many forums you can often find questions about whether a nursing mother green tea with Melissa. You can safely use this tool for relaxation and vitalisation of the body. Please note that the effect comes entirely from small doses of the plant. To achieve the effect alone is enough small twigs a day.

Where to find Melissa?

This plant today, you will easily be able to find at any pharmacy. If possible, it is best to grow at their summer cottage. Collecting it from the garden, for medicinal tea take only the tops of the shoots that have not yet had time to bloom.

Note! In use, this plant is often confused with several others. For example, cat mint or Catnip. It is a mistake that can lead to unpleasant consequences. They are not allowed to use during breastfeeding.

Before use, be sure that you gathered that the plant that you need. The confusion arose due to similar smells. Melissa smells weaker, its fragrance can be felt only rubbing in the fingers of young leaves.

Rules for collecting and storing

The plant is often harvested all winter long. It is recommended to start doing it in mid-summer and finish in late August. Shoots should be collected in dry days. Dry the plant, when the room is not above 35 degrees.

Thus it can not leave in the sun. If this happens, beneficial essential oils that it contains, simply evaporate. When the leaves start easily crumble, the grass is ready.

Store the dried plant in a dry and dark place, having put in some Tupperware with a lid. Observing such conditions, its use will persist for two years.

The rules of drinking tea with Melissa during lactation

Use tea with lemon balm for breastfeeding women suggest even doctors. This beverage is used for increasing lactation. To do that, you’ll need grass in fresh or dried form.

The water temperature should be between 70 to 90 degrees.

In the green hour with Melissa while breastfeeding decided to add other components, can decorate and enhance its taste. It can be fennel, caraway, chamomile, rose hips.

Using Melissa in HS, observe the following guidelines:

• pour hot water a tablespoon of herbs, leave to infuse for 30 minutes;

• it is best to drink this drink before bedtime, so he was warm;

• do not get carried away: to drink this beverage once a day is more than enough;

• do not take any more parallel to the sedatives, their action will only intensify, becoming excessive;

• the plant contributes to decrease of concentration, so give up the tea if you are going to drive or to perform responsible thing.

Melissa a nursing mother added in various dishes. Cooks often use it in salads, in recipes with meat or fish, even desserts. For clarity, we give some common recipes.

Limitations and contraindications

Please note that for all the advantages possessed by this plant, there are certain restrictions.

For example, he has a powerful sedative property, should not take it if your baby sleeps a lot and not very active. Watch how baby reacts to each new ingredient to prevent food allergies.

Carefully use each of these ingredients in the diet enter them individually. Start with any one component, then two days, watch the baby, do not receive any negative consequences. It can be spots on the body, exhausting itching or some other symptoms that point to food allergies.

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Well as the adverse effects are manifested in the form of coughing, gagging, runny nose or vomiting. Some children have changed the chair starts to hurt the stomach. If you experience any of these symptoms immediately stop use of this plant.

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