Doctors have called an unexpected cause of early aging

Медики назвали неожиданную причину раннего старения

Scientists at Yale University (USA) found that depression may significantly speed up the deterioration of cognitive function and brain aging and also contributes to the development of Alzheimer’s disease. This writes the online edition of the with reference to ChangeUA

Researchers have developed a new method of brain scanning, in which patients were administered a radioactive substance used as a contrast. It has been associated with a specific protein in synaptic vesicles that are involved in transmitting signals across the synapse — the contact between two neurons. During the positron emission tomography, the contrast begins to emit gamma rays detected by the detectors.

It turned out that patients suffering from depression, the density of synapses is lower than in people of the same age. The severity of symptoms, including impaired attention and loss of interest in previously enjoyable activities, directly correlated with the distribution of contacts between neurons.

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Experts came to the conclusion that depression may accelerate the aging of the Central nervous system, but to confirm this requires further investigation.

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