Doctors figured out which fruits and vegetables is healthier: fresh or frozen

Медики выяснили, какие фрукты и овощи полезнее: замороженные или свежие

Frozen fruits and vegetables can be 50% more vitamins than fresh

Frozen gifts of nature can contain 50% more vitamins and minerals than fresh vegetable products purchased on the market, the study showed, writes the with reference on healthinfo.

Scientists have found that frozen fruits and vegetables can be healthier than fresh, purchased at retail, reports CNN with reference to the arguments of the experts of the Institute of plant protection at the University of North Carolina.

According to the researchers, fruits and vegetables intended for freezing are usually collected in the period of their maximum maturity, and at this point contains a high concentration of useful nutrients. The fruit intended for trade in fresh, often harvested in unripe form, it is done with the expectation of further logistics of fruits and vegetables needs to withstand transport and storage. Vitamins and minerals in the fruit is less than in the frozen, state the experts.

“Collected at the peak of ripeness for further freezing may contain 10% -50% more nutrients than the fruit from the market,” provided their opinion on CNN.

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Specialists advised to prepare their own frozen products from the summer gifts of nature. They stressed that the freezing is the best way to preserve fruits and vegetables, vitamins and other valuable micronutrients, which show its beneficial properties and after thawing.

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