Doctors: due to COVID, the size of the male dignity may decrease

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 Doctors: due to COVID, the size of a man's dignity may decrease

Coronavirus disease can affect penis size. This was told by urologist Rena Malik. “When you get COVID-19, it can affect the lining of your blood vessels, and this can make it difficult for you to get blood flow from one part of your body to another,” the doctor explained. When blood flow to the area is lost over time, it can cause the tissues themselves to shrink, she says. “Which means you might notice a decrease in the length of the penis,” she explained. In turn, the director of men's health at the Albany Medical College, Dr. Charles Welliver said that COVID can cause erectile dysfunction, which, in turn, also affects the reduction of the penis. Doctors advise men not to panic about this, as the process is reversible. Rehabilitation methods include the use of a small dose of Viagra on a daily basis, as well as special devices that will help restore male dignity to its original size.

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