Doctors discovered the consequences of abstinence from alcohol: “sleep, weight, and Oncology”

Врачи обнаружили, к чему приведет отказ от алкоголя: «сон, вес и онкология»

Doctors told how avoiding alcohol will affect the body

The doctors have voiced, what happens if people stop drinking alcohol.

According to experts, if people limit themselves in alcohol or give it up completely, the body will not suffer. On the contrary, people will celebrate positive trends.

Врачи обнаружили, к чему приведет отказ от алкоголя: «сон, вес и онкология»

For example:

Improve sleep. When used “a hundred grams” and begins to actively work the brain, so often have problems when trying to sleep, once during dinner drink.

Reducing appetite. Alcohol affects both taste buds and sensitivity to the smell of food. By consuming alcohol, the person becomes more sensitive to food smells.

Slowing of weight gain. After the rejection of alcoholic drinks, greatly reduced intake of calories, which positively affects the weight of the person.

Improving the complexion. As alcohol greatly dehydrates the body, in case of rejection, the skin becomes more hydrated and the face looks fresher.

Врачи обнаружили, к чему приведет отказ от алкоголя: «сон, вес и онкология»

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The incident

Reducing the risk of diseases of Oncology. American scientists have found that intake of alcoholic beverages lead to the development of cancer.

As previously reported, doctors have calculated to be safe for human dose of alcohol. People who are unwilling or unable to give up drinking completely, you should at least decrease the dose of alcohol. Scientists have calculated a “reasonable” level of spirits.

Representatives of the Association of the United States examined data collected from nearly five thousand Americans, aged eighteen to forty-five years. Special attention of scientists is paid to the various factors associated with alcohol use.

As it turned out, people who often drink more than I should, suffer from high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels in the blood, and other hazardous phenomena.

“We’ve looked at large amounts of data and led a relatively safe dose of alcohol. For men it’s one to two servings of alcohol, and for women alone. We are talking about a daily dose” — say scientists.

Врачи обнаружили, к чему приведет отказ от алкоголя: «сон, вес и онкология»

Under the portion of the American experts mean three hundred and fifty grams of beer, or one hundred grams of wine. If you prefer spirits, one serving of equivalent to forty grams.

It was also reported that in some cities of Ukraine, the government introduces a ban on the sale of alcohol at night. In particular, the deputies of Zaporizhia on the example of colleagues from the Dnieper imposed a ban on the sale of alcohol at night. According to urban reform, a ban on the sale of alcohol will act in the retail outlets from ten o’clock in the evening until eight o’clock in the morning.

Recall that the Cabinet has made alcohol almost inaccessible.

As reported Politeka, the nutritionist advised what to eat alcoholic beverages.

Politeka also wrote why it is impossible to combine sports and alcohol.

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