Doctors called the sweetest medicine for cough

Медики назвали самое сладкое «лекарство» от кашля

Throat need to form a “protective film”.

Cough is generally, perhaps, one of the main trouble. We all since childhood we hear that tea with lemon and honey — best medicine from him. But now scientists have evidence that there seems to be something better. Much better, reports the with reference on the Tape.

Head of cardiovascular and respiratory studies, University of hull, Professor Alyn Maurice claims that her subordinates have carried out some pretty extensive research and proved that, best natural remedy for cough — chocolate.

Yes, it’s comforting. And we know that all this sounds like news from Mary Poppins, but we are talking about a real study in the real world. Moreover, it was the large-scale study in search of a natural cure for cough in Europe during the science.

And provided persuasive evidence that cocoa powder works better than the standard of cough syrup.

So now it is expected to surge in the emergence of new drugs, where the main active ingredient is cocoa.

If you have a cough, start regularly eating dark chocolate — and the problem will disappear after 2 days. Well, at least it was two days later, the chocolate helps most patients. And what is so special about cacao?

The key here is the substance theobromine, the alkaloid contained in cocoa beans. He suppresses the urge to cough more effectively than codeine is the main active ingredient in most cough syrups.

But there is another point. For maximum effect in the shortest possible time it is better not to buy chocolate, and cocoa, and brew a hot chocolate. Your throat need to form it a “protective film”, and is perfect for the hot liquid.

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But temporary relief give and slice chocolate — if you do not swallow it immediately, but allow it to melt in your mouth like candy.

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