Doctors called the main cause of problems falling asleep

Медики назвали главную причину проблем с засыпанием

The quality of sleep is affected by light included in the evening.

Numerous studies in recent years talked about how bad artificial lighting in the evening and at night shortly before bedtime. Special hazards represent the screens of various electronic devices that emit a bluish glow which disrupts the internal biological clock of the body, reports the with reference to the news of Yu.

As a result, stops the production of the hormone melatonin, which puts us into a state of sleepiness. Without this hormone we simply can’t sleep, and a favorable factor for the production of melatonin is darkness. It was programmed by nature.

That is why experts always advise people to dim the lighting in night hours and not to expose the body under additional stress from artificial light. And now researchers have shown that even the light from a few candles already can prevent a person to sleep.

This light, which can not be called bright, destroys or slows down the production of melatonin. Consequently, for higher-quality of sleep a person needs to be in a completely dark room. It is desirable that the Windows were hung with blackout curtains, which will block the flow of street light.

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However, each person has an individual sensitivity to light, and someone can sleep in the room with bright light, and someone will interfere with even a dim candle. Experiments showed that tolerance to light, people may vary in 58 times. However, the universal rule is still the Council about the need to dim all types of lighting before going to sleep.

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