Doctors called the first symptoms of gastritis with low acidity

Медики назвали первые симптомы гастрита с пониженной кислотностью

Gastritis with low acidity (hypoacid) – a disease in which the stomach is produced is not enough hydrochloric acid.

Low pH negatively affects the quality of digestion and digestive tract capacity to absorb nutrients. Learn how not to miss the first symptoms of this condition and do not start the disease, reports the with reference to

Acidity is an important parameter

Sounding of the stomach was first carried out by German doctors in the late nineteenth century. Through this study can accurately diagnose various diseases of the digestive system and determine the acidity of the stomach.

Primary gastritis in three cases out of four accompanied by an increased pH in the stomach. Form of the disease with reduced level of acidity is typical for people with chronic disease.

Gastric juice begins to stand out at the same time with stimulation of olfactory receptors. But we need to digest the amount of hydrochloric acid is formed only after the food reaches the stomach.

Thanks to the enzymes after a certain time, hydrochloric acid secretion is blocked. Hydrochloric acid performs an important function: prepares proteins to digest and helps enzymes; exhibits antibacterial properties (kills pathogenic f; creates conditions for the promotion of food.

Causes and symptoms

The habit of eating too hot (cold) food, regular meals “fast fudami”, nicotine dependence, addiction to alcohol, chronic internal diseases – factors which may give impetus to the development of diseases of the digestive tract.

Belching, aching pain in the upper division, flatulence, rumbling in the abdomen, bad breath – one or more of these signs may be cause for a visit to the doctor. Due to lack of hydrochloric acid impaired absorption of nutrients, people lose weight.

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Coated tongue and bloating in the stomach after eating are also symptoms of gastritis with low acidity, the treatment will help to restore the normal pH. Hydrochloric acid destroys pathogens, it is a natural barrier to disease.

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