Doctors called the disease, which heals the mud

Found “the cure” from mental disorders.

Some bacteria that live in soil and dirt can affect the condition of the brain, to protect against depression and improve learning ability, writes the with reference to the channel 24.

Usual dirt hides “medicine” from mental disorders, – such conclusion was made by American scientists.

In the study, they discovered that the bacteria Mycobacterium vaccae contained in the soil and dirt, can restore the health of the brain and the mind, stimulating the growth of nerve cells that produce the hormone serotonin. The latter reduces the level of anxiety.

Scientists experimented on mice. In animal feed they added the bacteria Mycobacterium vaccae, and then evaluated the ability of rodents to navigate the maze.

It turned out that those mice that were fed with bacteria twice as fast passed way in a maze compared to animals that did not receive such supplements.

In addition, in mice who consumed Mycobacterium vaccae, had fewer symptoms of stress. When the mice stopped giving bacteria, their ability to quickly and quietly run through a maze after a while disappeared.

According to the researchers, under the influence of this species of bacteria in experimental mice intensified the growth of brain neurons involved in the production of serotonin. He provided not only decrease anxiety, and improve learning processes.

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According to the researchers, Mycobacterium vaccae, can improve brain function and mental state in humans.

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