Doctors are suggested effective methods of psoriasis treatment

Psoriasis generally unpleasant disease, but if the plaques under the hair, it is a effect on the kind of hairstyle. How to treat psoriasis on the head to get rid of such unpleasant symptoms such as itching and pain.

What tools are best to use given the specific localization of the disease, so as not to impair its appearance even more?

Comprehensive treatment

The reasons why people get psoriasis is still not determined for sure. Unknown to science today, and the ways to final cure of the disease. At the same time, doctors has achieved considerable success in improving the quality of life of patients.

The treatment of depriving flake is the second name of psoriasis – should be comprehensive. The local combination of drugs with physiotherapy and bracing, immunomodulatory, sedative and anti-inflammatory drugs allows to achieve long-term remission and make the symptoms of psoriasis is hardly noticeable.

When selecting the regimen, the doctors go from gentle low-toxic means to more efficient, but at the same time and more dangerous drugs. That is, first patients prescribed herbal preparations, mainly ointments for the skin, and in the case of destruction of the scalp and shampoos. If these funds will not have the desired effect, then go to stronger drugs. The highest efficiency of different hormonal (glucocorticosteroid) funds, but they are toxic and have many side effects, so their use is justified only in the most serious cases.

In most cases, the treatment begins with local agents – ointments, lotions, shampoos. Although the perfect cure psoriasis scalp hasn’t been invented yet, such external funds often contribute to a marked improvement in the patients. If no improvement occurs, then comes the turn more effective ointments and physiotherapy procedures.

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Ultraviolet irradiation, mud therapy, hydrotherapy beneficial effect on the condition of patients with psoriasis.
However, many physiotherapy treatments are not very convenient to psoriasis of the head: for example, for the irradiation of the scalp with ultraviolet light to get rid of the hair, and it will agree, not all patients.

At the same time is carried out restorative treatment. In particular, the necessary vitamins for psoriasis scalp. Vitamin increases the body’s resistance to secondary infections, improves the condition of patients.

Since psoriasis is often accompanied by depressed mood and other depressive symptoms, well-proven antidepressants. Psychotropic drugs make the patients more resistant to stress, which, as has already been proven, provoke exacerbation of psoriasis. Thus, it is possible to achieve a sustained remission, only protecting patients from strong emotions with well-chosen drug therapy.

Healing ointment: from simple to complex

The safest are considered to be homeopathic remedies and ointments from vegetable raw materials – succession, sage, chamomile. These ointments moisturize the skin and moisturizing psoriasis is very important. In addition, they have a slight anti-inflammatory and soothing effects. However, herbal ointments and compresses can help only in very mild skin lesions. If the funds do not reduce the symptoms of the disease, then you need to switch to more effective ointments.

These tools include drugs that contain tar, petroleum, sulfur, zinc, salicylic acid. The active ingredients these may have many contraindications, but it helps to get rid of psoriasis. Sometimes used antiviral ointment (there is a version of the viral origin of psoriasis), but their efficiency is not proven.

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Hormonal ointments are more effective. However, prolonged use of such drugs can lead to certain problems. In particular, possible side effects, and not only local.
For example, from the constant application of steroid ointments suffer from liver, problems with the kidneys and cardiovascular system. In addition, the possible inflammatory phenomena in the field of application of ointment, redness, pain, atrophic skin lesions, discoloration of the epidermis.

Hormonal ointment of psoriasis are divided into several groups depending on the active substance. Have the greatest efficiency of the preparations containing hydrocortisone. However, this connection causes and the most serious side effects that disrupt the functioning of the whole body.

Another effective active ingredient – clobetasol. It is not recommended to use in the long term: a course of treatment should last a maximum of 5 days. In the future it is possible appearance of systemic complications, a persistent increase in the lumen of capillaries, atrophy of the skin. Clobetasol is part of popular product “Skin cap” — according to many people suffering from psoriasis, this medication is very effective.

Systemic side effects may cause betamethasone is a synthetic steroid drug that is included in many ointments for psoriasis. Side effects include burning of the skin and increased dryness, allergic reactions, atrophy of the skin.

A formidable list of complications in the use of hormonal ointments – a good reason to think that the treatment should be safe. To treat psoriasis on their own not: therapy should be performed by a physician based on individual patient characteristics. The only way to get rid of unpleasant symptoms, without harming the health.

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