Doctors advise not to use a utensils in the family during the flu epidemic

Врачи советуют не пользоваться одной посудой в семье во время эпидемии гриппа

Various viruses are easily transmitted to family members if the families enjoy the same dishes

Each of us has a unique immune system, so if the virus will cope with the body of one person, this does not mean that you handle the body of another. You should be careful not to transmit the virus to family and friends. This tells the doctor Victoria Savitskaya.

Врачи советуют не пользоваться одной посудой в семье во время эпидемии гриппа

Even in the home should regularly and timely to pass the prevention of influenza. For example, to ventilate all the rooms in the house, to do wet cleaning, wipe all surfaces with a special anti-microbial agents.

“To prevent the multiplication of viruses is not too difficult — flu dies when you airing about half an hour, and a flu virus killing detergents. For this reason, it is very important preferably not less than 2 times to ventilate the room and accommodations, morning and evening before bedtime, and do not forget to carry out General cleaning in the house,” advises the doctor].

Often viruses appear in the house with the guilt of its inhabitants, who cling to them on public transport and the different institutions of the city, where a lot of people. It is important to understand that if the wife(and) kids or no signs of illness or infection, this does not mean that they are not carriers of the flu virus. Therefore, doctors strongly recommend to choose for each family member separately his Cup, saucer, and even a fork with a spoon, and use them in a dangerous period of the epidemic.

“Usually share plates and cups is easy – often every family member has their favorite dish, so just agree among themselves and do not use other utensils. This simple rule greatly reduces the risks of disease and infection with influenza.

Врачи советуют не пользоваться одной посудой в семье во время эпидемии гриппа

Also helps to take preventive measures solution of sea salt. Instillation of nose with this water and, as a consequence, the circulation of mucus in the nasal cavity will help the body to resist various infections that you can catch in public places. Still it is necessary before each exit to the street to lubricate the nose oxolinic ointment,” recalls Victoria Savitskaya.

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