Doctor Julia Nachalova shocked recognition: details of illness

Врач Юлии Началовой шокировал признанием: подробности болезни

Rumors about the health of the famous Russian singer Yulia Nachalova said the doctor who treated her for gout half a year ago.

Basil Shurov, a former doctor Nachalovo, gave an interview with “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

Earlier there was spread information about what a poor artist at the moment carries several serious diseases – gout, lupus and diabetes of the second type.

Врач Юлии Началовой шокировал признанием: подробности болезни

Basil Shurov said: “Systemic lupus erythematosus — autoimmune serious disease. At that moment, when we examined Nachalova — six months ago, no lupus, she was not.”

In his words, the struggle of the singer in the US with this disease a hormone therapy is nothing more than a rumor. Shurov confirmed that his patient really was treated in the States, but from gout, and it was 10 years ago.

“Those doctors were only anesthetized. There was no qualified treatment. In the end, it turns out, started the disease,” said a former doctor of the singer.

Information about what the state of Nachalovo deteriorated due to unhealed wounds on his leg, Shurov called implausible nonsense. The medic noted that “brain edema and bilateral pneumonia is a very sad and dangerous diagnosis”.

Врач Юлии Началовой шокировал признанием: подробности болезни

Earlier, the PR girl Julia Nachalova Anna Isaeva has commented that the singer is dying. According to her, all the way around, Julia is making small steps to recovery, the body begins to recover.

Also we will remind that the Russian pop star Yulia Nachalova began cardio-vascular insufficiency .

Her treatment should be reviewed and urgent. The doctors who will be engaged, will meet in the near future.

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Today, March 15, received a statement from Anna Isaeva – the official representative of the Russian singer and TV presenter Yulia Nachalova.

Recall that the famous pop star Yulia Nachalova few days ago was hospitalized in a Moscow clinic and put in an artificial coma.

Anna Isaeva has also denied rumors that the star was diagnosed with cerebral edema.

Recall, the doctor Nachalova told about the terrible agony of the artist.

We also wrote that Yulia Nachalova dying, her Manager was shocked by the outburst.

Politeka also wrote that the famous Russian singer was dying.

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