Doctor in Russia treated patients with “dead water”

 A doctor in Russia treated patients with

“Squash nutrition”, “magnetotherapy” and “onion inhalations” – this is not the whole range of medical “recommendations” that one of the doctors of the city of Chernogorsk prescribed to his patients.

The doctor forbade patients to wash and prescribed “dead water”. Khakassian Internet users have posted a couple of prescriptions of this miracle healer online. Among the recommendations – “do not drink tea, coffee, cold drinks, exclude salty foods, eat squash pancakes, dill, currants, carrots, cabbage, take echinacea tincture.” It's a pity, it's not known what kind of illness this prescription should help with.

The Ministry of Health of Khakassia has already answered that they know this doctor. The most interesting thing is that the specialist does not take place somewhere at home in the private sector, but in a medical institution.

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