Do not buy food for 25 days: the British figured out how to save money

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 Not buying food for 25 days: a British woman figured out how to save < /p>

A resourceful British woman has taken on a 25-day challenge to save on food and reduce food waste. According to the Mirror, the housewife has inspired many TikTok users. The Briton avoided grocery stores for almost a month. She found different ways to use the food stored in her fridge and freezer. Many of her motivational videos have over 100k likes. The woman has been praised for her creative recipes and resourcefulness with limited ingredients. In the last days of the challenge, her refrigerator looked almost empty. She cooked burritos, sushi rolls, and red lentil dishes. Users were stunned by the resourcefulness of the savvy chef who made her own soy milk when she ran out of regular milk, created her own tofu and marinated radishes.

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