Do dogs get cold in winter: a veterinarian dispels a popular misconception

Do dogs get cold in winter: the vet dispelled a popular misconception

It is generally accepted that dogs do not freeze in winter because they have a “fur coat”, but this turned out not to be the case.

In the comments & quot; Komsomolskaya Pravda & quot; Veterinarian Olga Levchenko dispelled the popular misconception.

“They are still freezing, and not only hairless or short-haired breeds, but even long-haired ones. Cold tolerance depends on two factors. The first – from the size of the dog: large ones freeze less, and small ones – faster. The second – on the conditions in which the pet is used to living. If a dog lives in an apartment, then it sheds more often, getting rid of unnecessary undercoat '', & ndash; said the veterinarian.

According to her, decorative breeds, short-legged pets and hounds should be insulated. The latter are cold because they have thin skin.

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