Dnieper embankment littered with corpses: there are photos from the crash site

Набережная Днепра усеяна трупами: появились фото с места катастрофы

In the river at the Waterfront Sichevskyi found a flock of dead birds

It is noted that birds fell on the roadside and on the roadway. Cars moving on Sichevskyi Embankment, trying to avoid the dead birds, but the road is literally covered with them.

The cause of the mass death of birds is still unknown.

Набережная Днепра усеяна трупами: появились фото с места катастрофы

Набережная Днепра усеяна трупами: появились фото с места катастрофы

Note that a similar case happened recently in the Netherlands. There along the coast recorded a massive sea birds. Experts mentioned first assumption, which is negative.

Along the coast of the Netherlands suddenly began to die birds. Approximately 20,000 birds died in the last few weeks for unknown reason.

As noted by the watchers, all the dead birds were malnourished, and there are fears that they may become victims of the spill from the container ship MSC Zoe, which during a storm at sea, fell out of 345 containers with various household items.

As reported, the coastline was crammed with furniture, toys and even TVs. In addition, according to British media, was found a large package with a peroxide powder that is most often used as a disinfectant of medical instruments and various hospital equipment.

Mardik Leopold, an expert on seabirds at the University of Wageningen said that the figure of 20,000 dead birds were based on total speculation.

“These data are based on average: 1 dead bird, 1 kilometre coastline per day. Only 300 kilometers. It is 10 000 birds,” he told reporters of the British press.

We will remind, on the banks of the Dnieper found Mohr fish.

We reported on the island began more.

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Also politeka that, in Kiev started a massive plague, for about a hundred corpses and the end is not yet.

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