Dmitry Shepelev – new girl: I first understood what family life

Дмитрий Шепелев -  о новой девушке: Я впервые понял, что такое семейная жизнь

Dmitry Shepelev – new girl: I first understood what family life
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Ex-lover of Jeanne Friske shared details of a new relationship.

TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev was a guest of the new release YouTube-show Xenia Sobchak “Caution, Sobchak! ” where told about a new lover, son, conflict with parents, Zhanna Friske and the courts to Respond.

About life with a new lover

For the first time I realized what family life because I never lived with a woman. [Janna] how we lived? It was very little, we traveled, it was the first time, new and unusual emotions. This is hardly a “lived”. Now with Kate [Tulupova] this brand new to me. Before that nothing like this has happened, – said Sobchak TV presenter.

TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev and architect Ekaterina Tulupova started Dating three years ago. The couple met in kindergarten, whose heirs went to the same group. Until recently, the pair carefully hid their relationship, but in November 2019 for the first time stated this.

About the upbringing of his son

– I don’t think I’m an outstanding father and honestly talk about it when you do videos on Instagram or when talking with their guests on the YouTube channel in the program Folders. I confess my takapo. I confess that I sometimes raise my voice at the child, make some mistakes, often impatient. I’m not a perfect father. The perfect father I may perceive, because it does not hide the fact that you love your child, give him time. I do it on high and enjoy!

On the question of presenter do you remember the son of his mother, Dmitri said:

– Very important for me to understand that he has a mom. Despite the fact that Jeanne is not directly in reach and he is unable to hug her. He [the room] there are pictures of her, I try as much as possible about to tell your mom. But our environment, I ask you not to talk about how she’s an artist, a singer. All this “public side” I’m trying to zoom out. For me it is very important that he understood that his mother was real and loving, not what others see on the covers of magazines. We are the closest people to him. We have such a trusting relationship! In this situation, I and father and mother.

Дмитрий Шепелев -  о новой девушке: Я впервые понял, что такое семейная жизнь

New girlfriend Shepeleva an architect by profession Photo: Instagram

The story about inheritance and conflict with parents of Jeanne Friske

According to Shepeleva, the relatives of the singer on-former do not communicate with Plato, though there is a court order about their contact with the child.

– It does not end there. It happened against my will and I a few years all was silent and did not comment on what is happening, because I considered it wrong. To answer your question “progress” if we don’t. There is no communication with the grandson they don’t see each other. There is a court decision that initiated them. They wanted to determine the order of contact with the child, and I convinced them not to, when there was a good relationship between us.

The journalist said that prior to the conflict, the parents of Jeanne on several occasions visiting her grandson and normally communicated, until they decided to sue.

– They had the opportunity, they saw grandson, mother Jeanne was at my apartment a few times and all looked more or less normal. But, they serve me to court and demand to establish a procedure for communicating with the child to the point that he lived there. Not from me he went to them, and from them to me. Was absolutely inadequate to requirements. But, the court established the procedure for communication – an hour and a half twice a month. On this date they have not come so far.

The broadcaster said that repeatedly asked parents singer not to make life Plato public, but they did not listen.

– On my part had one main request and the requirement is not necessary to publish photos with baby, no need to drag it on television broadcast, leave Plato alone. But, as soon as there was Joan, all took turns gladly post pictures, which they have done in all that time. I ask: “why are you doing this?”. I ask not to do it, but I have no answer. And then they whole family go on a talk show and tell you how bad I was.

About money Rusfond

– I paid a fraction of Plato. He can’t pay, so the money I paid. Well, how do you think loving grandparents will do this Hu*nu? They say: We have nothing, we all write on the baby, apartment, baby, home baby, we have everything! I’m buying my share of our Jeanne house, decorate it for us. Before to do it I see that it is already decorated, guess what? Not to the child, and the grandparents! It’s not about love, it’s about greed, theft and meanness! I will have to tell your child, maybe not in a year, but I’ll tell him the truth.

Дмитрий Шепелев -  о новой девушке: Я впервые понял, что такое семейная жизнь

Dmitry Shepelev rarely shows son Photo: screenshot

About the father of Jeanne Friske

The beloved actress also recalled the meeting of the son and grandfather after the death of Jeanne. According to him, then Vladimir Friske came out with a grandson with a gun.

– He was pinned to the ground with the gun, if not for protection I don’t know what it would be, – said Dmitry. – He threatened me, I’m not joking and I swear to you that it was. Between us stood guard and took him aside. Few months, we with Plato back in the apartment in which we lived and we were waiting for five people, two of which are in Federal search. With us too was security, but what they wanted I don’t know. Then in front of my child, guard break his hand. He covers us with his body, and they are trying to beat and it does give you access to the grandfather, who tries to pull the hands to his son and slaps me.

Shepelev also said that at the time Jeanne relationship the singer repeatedly had conflicts with his father.

She had a difficult relationship with his father, they hadn’t spoken for six months and how it will backfire on Plato, then, we have not discussed. She said that they definitely will spoil and should to the extent possible to fight. But what to fight? Since the death of Jeanne, it took 4 years and all these years last trial all and for any reason: what was not so divided the inheritance, were wrongly sold shares in the house, have [money] to Respond, should not Respond, incorrectly identified the order of communication with his grandson. At the moment there are still a lawsuit, concluded the presenter.

Dmitry Shepelev 36 years. Ukrainian viewers he is known thanks to the project “Factory of stars-2”, “Laugh comedian” and “Kitchen with Dmitry Shepelev”.

Since 2010, the seven dwarfs were in a civil marriage with singer Zhanna Friske. The actress learned about the deadly diagnosis is being pregnant, but the children decide. The boy was born in April of 2013, and two years later the singer did not. The day before the death of Jeanne her beloved Dmitriy Shepelev took their son to his home in Belarus. Since Friske parents fighting for the right to see her grandson.


New sweetheart Dmitry Shepelev was the former wife of an influential financier

She 36-year-old Ekaterina Tulupova is positioning itself as an interior designer.

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