Dmitry Komarov interviewed Brazilian drug Lord

Дмитрий Комаров брал интервью у бразильского наркобарона

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Recently the popular presenter, author of “the World inside out” Dmitry Komarov returned from a hazardous trip. As recognized by the traveler when he interviewed a local drug Lord, he thought that Brazil would kill him. He told this in an interview with Katya Osadchaya, reports “high life”.

Mosquitoes admitted that particularly worried at the meeting with the local drug Lord, as he was threatened at least five guns.

“It was one of the riskiest trips. For example, before we interviewed the drug dealer, drove a motorcycle, and his passenger pulled out a gun and was pointed directly at me. I, of course, dropped the phone, I was told to follow these bandits. They rode and all the while keeping the gun pointed at me. Eventually we arrived in the yard favelas (slums in Brazil – approx. ed.) and I was targeted just five of these pistols. Under armed the gun has brought us to the corner where we met this drug dealer. And he said, “Hello, we can start the interview” — says Komarov.

He also spoke about how to live in Brazil, ordinary people.

“I thought, frankly, that’ll just kill us, because I had no idea who these people are. I asked, “could we somehow more friendly to meet?”. He says, “no, you’re in a territory where there are such rules. It is a reality”. That is, imagine: children playing soccer, women doing hair in the hairdressers, I go, people walk, common area, ordinary life. But one in three people with a gun and with a gun and cocaine sold on the layouts just $ 2.5 per 1 gram”, — shared the leading.

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