Dit weten we al over ‘Sex and the City’-reboot ‘And Just Like That …’ | Showbizz

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Dit weten we al over ‘Sex and the City’-reboot ‘And Just Like That …’ | Showbizz

TVFans of ‘Sex and the City’ will have to be patient a little longer. In December ‘And Just Like That …’, the reboot of the popular series, will be released on Streamz. At the same time as the United States. Here’s what we already know about the series.

In the late 1990s, ‘Sex and the City’ was one of the most beloved series on TV – because of the beautiful outfits of Carrie and co., but also because there was no obscure topic: making a career as a woman , to masturbation and homosexuality. 17 years after the last episode, we pick up the thread with the main characters from the series in ‘And Just Like That …’ That is to say: with three of the four main characters. Kim Catrall, who played Samantha, will not return for the reboot. That means that we have to make do with ‘only’ three main characters: Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte (Kristin Davis).

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The good news is that Carrie’s great love, Mr. Big (Chris Noth) returns, albeit “to a limited extent.” What that means exactly will have to become clear in the series. To spice things up a bit, Carrie’s other great love, Aidan (John Corbett), makes an appearance again. Other secondary characters, such as Steve (David Eigenberg), Harry (Evan Handler) and Anthony (Mario Cantone), also reappear. The latter tied the knot with Stanford in the last film, a role played by Willie Garson. He would also reappear in ‘And Just Like That …’ and even appeared on the set, but unfortunately Garson passed away at the end of September at the age of 57. It is not yet clear how the makers will fit that death into the series.

In “Sex and the City,” Charlotte and Miranda both had children. They should of course not be missing in the new series, although their roles will be filled by new actors. Logical, because of course a few years have already passed. Brady, Miranda’s son, is now played by actor Niall Cunningham. And Charlotte’s daughters are now played by Cathy Ang and Alexa Swinton. Of course, there will also be some new characters in the series. The arrival of Sara Ramirez has already been announced. She is best known for her role as Dr. Callie Torres in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. Many details about her character are not yet known, although it is clear that she will regularly appear in ‘And Just Like That …’.

Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) © GC Images

What exactly the series will be about and how Carrie and co. their lives is still a great mystery. They are in good hands though. Samantha Irby, Rachna Fruchbom, Keli Goff, Julie Rottenberg and Elisa Zuritsky form the writing team, while Michael Patrick King also directed both films. Costume designer Patricia Fields did not return behind the scenes, but hands over the responsibility to her protégée Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago.

‘And Just Like That …’ will be shown on from the beginning of December Streamz. A new episode is broadcast every week, just like other major HBO series such as ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Insecure’. Bingewatching is therefore not an issue.


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